Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Rated and Awarded Hostel in Riga

Nearing the end of 2008 we look at this year to see that Argonaut Hostel is the only hostel in Riga to win a Top Ten Hostel in the World award in 2008 from the largest hostel booking agent in the world. Argonaut has the best rated location at 98% satisfaction and our scond hostel - Barons City Central Hostel is the highest rated hostel in Riga for August and September 2008 and also so far in October it holds the highest rating for all hostels in Riga.

The Argonaut Travellers Bar is a good hang out to meet other travellers and get some romances started. Argonaut has managed to avoid attracting just guys as our female staff and our security continue make female travellers to feel welcome and secure. In the evening many guests head on a guided tour to bars in Riga. Departure 10pm.

The latest refugees are Rosemary and John from Adelaide Australia. Lost their wallet, cards and money on their travels and stumbled in to Argonaut. We have booked them in for 7 weeks at both Argonaut Old Town Hostel and our Liepaja Beach Hostel. A really nice couple so much so that we had them home for dinner.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hotels in Riga Budget Options

When looking for a hotel in Riga the first challenge is that the first two pages of Google are taken up by hotel booking agents. Hostels in Riga provide a better option for travellers staying in Riga from the start as we are easy to find on Google. Argonaut hostel in Riga's Old Town is well located and some of the services are better than hotels in Riga.

Argonaut Hostel uses the Smart Key Card entry system, Double Bed Rooms as well as Twin, Triple and Quad bed rooms, Free Wifi and Internet Computer access.

On the ground floor Argonaut Hostel now has a Thai/Chinese restaurant that is far better than many hotels in Riga can offer.

A private room at Argonaut is priced as much as 1/4 to 1/2 the price of a hotel room in Riga.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hostels in Riga Latvia

What hostels are there in Riga Latvia? list the best hostels in Latvia. Two in Riga and one in Liepaja. There are many other hostels in Riga that provide a bit of a crap shoot to jag a decent experience. Nearly all hostels in Riga offer free internet.

What the best hostels offer are lockers for free, Late checkout, free bed linen with towel, Common Room with Movies, Bar, Kitchen, 24 Hr reception, Tours, Helpful staff, and free guide books.

So if you are not getting that above then you are not getting value for money. Of course Fire Safety, Security or Doors, Fun Atmosphere, Cleanliness, and a good location in the old town of Riga are most important and offered by only a few hostels.

The Lonely Planet guy that stayed in Riga a month checking out all hostels said that many hostels 'show you your bed and that's it' no trying to make you feel welcome or like you are at home. No hostel in Riga is all things for all people but some definitely have no things for all people :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Beach Party Liepaja Latvia

Today is the first day of this years massive Beach Party in Liepaja Latvia. Over 100,000 tickets have been sold to see over 30 bands performing on the beach. The Argonaut Beach Hostel has been reserved for foreign travellers and will be for every future Beach Party. We do this to enable travellers to attend the party and have accommodation as travellers are not as well informed as locals to book so far in advance. So if you missed out on the 2008 beach party then we hope to see you in Liepaja 2009.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Riga to Vilnius via Kaunas, Klaipeda, Nica, Curonian Spit, Palanga, Liepaja

Travelling between the capital cities in Lithuania and Latvia - Vilnius and Riga offers you the opportunity to get off the beaten track. Those folk in a hurry catch often the bus that travels on the freeway between the two capitals. There is no train between Vilnius and Riga. Those other folk with more interest and more time have a bonanza of places to see that will surprise and impress you.
The shortest way in to Lithuania from Poland is in to the city of Kaunas in Lithuania. Vilnius is actually out of the way to the East unless you specifically want to see it. In Kaunas you will be impressed. The Old Town is a marvel and the 1 km long mall that is attached to it is an oasis of modern trendy shops in the middle of nowhere. The place to stay is
To get to Klaipeda from Kaunas there are cycle tracks and in summer there are boats. The easiest way is by bus to Klaipeda. Klaipeda has a wealth of history and is a lovely quaint city

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Travelling from or to Tallinn from or to Riga Latvia

Tallinn in Estonia is north of Riga in Latvia. To Get to Riga easy you need to take a bus. The Bus Station in Tallinn is located on the edge of the Old Town On the corner of Kai and Kuunari Streets. (North east on this map)
Here are some buses you can catch to Riga
Trains to Riga from Tallinn are only just now operating and erratically. Better to wait till 2009 to consider using the train.
A Bus takes 5 hours to get to Riga. They take the route via Parnu . If you have time in Summer to stop at Parnu then it will be a smart ting to do. lists a good hostel in Parnu called Louna.
The alternate Route to Riga is via Tartu in Estonia and Aluksne in North East Latvia.
In Tartu you can stay at Teviseks Hostels
Stop in at Voru as described on the webpage above and make your way to Riga. There is no border guard anymore so if you are in Estonia then you will get in to Latvia no problem.
Then find us usung the Riga Map
Cheers and good luck

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beach Hostel in Liepaja Latvia

The Argonaut Beach hostel is the first beach hostel in Latvia. We opened the first hostel in Riga so it should be no surprise that we opened the first hostel in another city of Latvia. As with the Riga hostel - people say it is a big risk and they say that they believe there are not enough tourists to justify a hostel opening in Liepaja. Maybe they are correct but mostly the people that say negative things have never taken enough risks to see the full picture that eventually includes many positives. To run a business it is not only about the financial cost versus the income. There are other considerations in life.
The Beach Hostel in Liepaja enables us and many travellers to get to a Latvian city that has its natural charm intact. Discount airlines like Easy Jet and Ryanair have done a lot to improve tourism in Latvia. But the Latvians have not taken charge of how Latvia is represented internationally. The result is that tourism promotion for Latvia has been hijacked by Strip Clubs attracting weekenders out for a drinking spree that spoil a lot of Riga's ambiance.
Liepaja is too far to visit for most weekenders as it takes 3 hours journey in a bus from Riga. International flights do go to Liepaja but not from cities full of roudy guys.
So Liepaja has its charm un spoiled, Liepaja has more entertainment than Riga and it has something happening everynight. The people of Liepaja have a more positive view of foreigners and tourists.
The beach in Liepaja in summer is fantastic. May 2007 in Liepaja the weather was really hot for the whole month. There were sun tanned people everywhere. We were working renovating the hostel and lots of people walked passed the hostel on their way to the beach. It was really difficult to keep working :-)
The Liepaja Beach Hostel is located in the Old Town of Liepaja between the city centre and the beach. About 500 mtrs from the city centre and 300 mtrs from the beach. You walk through parks from the hostel to get to the beach.
At the Beach Hostel we have a BBQ and other amenities that can not be made available in our two Riga hostels
The Beach Hostel has 26 beds for guests so don't leave your booking till too late.