Monday, March 10, 2008

Beach Hostel in Liepaja Latvia

The Argonaut Beach hostel is the first beach hostel in Latvia. We opened the first hostel in Riga so it should be no surprise that we opened the first hostel in another city of Latvia. As with the Riga hostel - people say it is a big risk and they say that they believe there are not enough tourists to justify a hostel opening in Liepaja. Maybe they are correct but mostly the people that say negative things have never taken enough risks to see the full picture that eventually includes many positives. To run a business it is not only about the financial cost versus the income. There are other considerations in life.
The Beach Hostel in Liepaja enables us and many travellers to get to a Latvian city that has its natural charm intact. Discount airlines like Easy Jet and Ryanair have done a lot to improve tourism in Latvia. But the Latvians have not taken charge of how Latvia is represented internationally. The result is that tourism promotion for Latvia has been hijacked by Strip Clubs attracting weekenders out for a drinking spree that spoil a lot of Riga's ambiance.
Liepaja is too far to visit for most weekenders as it takes 3 hours journey in a bus from Riga. International flights do go to Liepaja but not from cities full of roudy guys.
So Liepaja has its charm un spoiled, Liepaja has more entertainment than Riga and it has something happening everynight. The people of Liepaja have a more positive view of foreigners and tourists.
The beach in Liepaja in summer is fantastic. May 2007 in Liepaja the weather was really hot for the whole month. There were sun tanned people everywhere. We were working renovating the hostel and lots of people walked passed the hostel on their way to the beach. It was really difficult to keep working :-)
The Liepaja Beach Hostel is located in the Old Town of Liepaja between the city centre and the beach. About 500 mtrs from the city centre and 300 mtrs from the beach. You walk through parks from the hostel to get to the beach.
At the Beach Hostel we have a BBQ and other amenities that can not be made available in our two Riga hostels
The Beach Hostel has 26 beds for guests so don't leave your booking till too late.


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